She-Ra Rampage

Original Post by Heather:

In class and here in the forum we’ve had discussions on trying to define a hero, both in general and specifically female heroes. I was watching TV the other night, and I saw a clip that I wanted some other opinions about.

The clip is from Robot Chicken, a show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. This show was created by two men, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, (and I think they are the main writers too). It makes fun of everything and incorporates a lot of heroes from old shows because they have action figures. I personally think the show  is hilarious, but because of this class I started to think differently about this clip about She-Ra going on a rampage because of her hormones.

Here is the link to the clip. Caution: If you aren’t a big fan of crude humor, or stop motion animation with action figures, I don’t recommend watching this.


I just want to know what you all think of it. Does this clip demonstrate how women heroes are really perceived? Are women still being depicted as crazy and uncontrollable because of their biology?

My Response:

The class has watched an episode of She-Ra, I don’t know if it is possible to watch this in class to get everyone’s opinion. Adult Swim can be hit or miss with me depending on what they are doing. Some of their humor is not my style, however this is hilarious. The violence and crude humor of this clip would have any villain running away from all female superheroes. This should bring new light to not letting girls into the club. Thanks for the great link.

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