Original Post by Rob:

Robservation of She-Ra: 1. She-Ra’s invocation with the sword is “for the honer of Grayskull,” whereas He-Man’s is “for the power of Grayskull.” Woman fights for virture, man fights for power. Hmm. 2. When she transforms into her heroic alter ego, her voice drops a couple of octave. Possible explanations: a. She-Ra’s vocal cords are different than Adora’s. b. like Batman, she consciously changes her voice to protect her secret identity. c. heroism necessitates a deeper, manlier voice? 3. Is Hordak meant to exhibit the worst of man? Snorting=male chauvenist “pig”

Wha’chu think, y’all?

My Response:

Having watched both She-Ra and He-Man as a child I can tell you that the changing from a higher pitched voice to a lower one takes place for both of them. When Adora’s twin Adam turns into He-Man his voice gets deeper. Perhaps in both cases it takes them from the innocent prince or princess and transforms their voices into more mature “Superhero” voices. Another fact about She-Ra is her hair. When she is Adora her hair stops right around her shoulders. When she changes forms to She-Ra her hair grows in length to below her waisteline. I do agree with you in the fact that He-Man is shown with fighting for power while She-Ra in meant for virture. To my memory He-Man never got into  a fist fight but he did throw things at his foes. She-Ra spent her time dogging and deflecting blows.

Having watched all the He-Man  and She-Ra shows as a kid I cannot look at Hordak as getting a bad rap for doing nothing wrong. To begin with, he kidnapped  Adora as a baby. Adora and Adam are part of some sort of prophecy and Hordak interfears with this. He spends his time keeping Adora under a spell so that she remains under his control. When she finally moves to the good side and becomes She-Ra of course he wants her back, better to control the enemy then fight the enemy.

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