“Woman’s Place”

Feminism and Cheesecake

During class there have been several discussions about superheroes. It has been mentioned that there are problems for men where the woman is a strong female. In some cases she is physically stronger than the man himself. This line also brings up that in several cases the woman must give up all aspects of femininity and thoughts of love in order to be this strong hero. A gender issue over how they act is not the only battle for these female superheroes. The way these females are dressed or illustrated in comics has caused several problems. When you picture  a female comic hero is she wearing baggy clothes with army boots? No, she tends to be in a skin tight bodysuit or an almost swimsuit like outfit that hides little to nothing. There is an article that I read about the controversy on Power Girl’s costume. This controversy is over a cutout within her costume. This has also been referred to as a “boob window”. Do costumes like that of Power Girl’s or other female comic superheroes help shape or change the way people look at the female hero? Does this type of costuming cause them to be looked at only for their sex appeal? Will this cycle of female superhero costuming change?

Dictionary – Cheesecake

1. A cake having a firm custard like texture, made with cream cheese, cottage cheese, or both, and sometimes topped with a jam like fruit mixture.

2. Informal. Also called leg art. Photographs featuring  scantily clothed attractive women.


A display of the female form, probably wearing little clothing often in photographs. Uses for “soft, effeminate” and compares  with the male “beefcake”.


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