Immortals versus Twilight

Original Post by Rachel:

I was watching tv today, when a commercial advertising the new movie Immortals came on.

Not only does the video imply that all girls will want to watch Twilight and none will watch Immortals, but it also assumes a description of what a “real man” is. In light of our class topic and our recent discussions about Butler, I just thought I’d share. Anyone have any thoughts?

My Response:

I enjoy a good vampire story. Twilight however, is not. While I have never read the books I have seen the first two movies. I have friends that tell me all about these books. I am not impressed. The part about the vampires being sparkly in sunlight really makes no sense to me. A vampire should be more like the ones from 30 Days of Night.

I have seen the trailer for the movie Immortals. I have loved Greek mythology since I was a child. To date there has not been a good movie about any of the ancient gods. This movie seems to be designed for two things. The first is eye candy (beefcake) for women. The other is an all guy action and butt-kicking.

I can say that I might watch Immortals just to see how much of mythos they change. Other then that I think a good comedy for my inner child is in order. Puss in Boots gets my vote, Antonio Banderas has done a great job with the orange cat in the Shrek movies.

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