Rescue Me

Original Post by Kevin:

Recently I was able to purchase two season of the show Rescue Me, at a great price I might add. Late in the first season, a new character is added to the firehouse. This causes tension in the house as the characters in the show learned of this new person an episode or two before it actually happened. Long story short, too late, the new person is a woman who got her position through a discrimination lawsuit against the department.

The members of the crew decide to shut her out completely, including the chief. When cracks begin to show in her foundation, after doing a bad job and then a good job and still not getting recognition, the chief returns but this time to offer what little support he can.

My father was a police officer, recently retired, and I tried to remember anything about seeing women police officers but I couldn’t think of any person. Most of the women who worked in the department were either on dispatch or administrative.

I have known about women being discriminated in these fields before and I could write at length about the term brotherhood when applied to these fields. Thoughts?

My Response:

I have an aunt that works for the local police department back home. She has worked with them for several years. While I know little about what kind of treatment the male officers gave her I know that it was not easy. When I asked her questions about the other officers she would give me some information about the few other women in her department. When asking about the men she would become very tight lipped. From her reactions I assume that they did not treat her well. She would always tell me that when I find something that I truly care about then I have to be willing to fight for it. While I still wish to know how my aunt is treated I can at the very least respect her for sticking with what she loves doing, police work.

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