The New & Improved Richard

Original Post by Justin:

When we reach the end of Neverwhere Richard ends his relationship with Jessica, telling her that he’s just different and that’s that. It’s a fair thing to say considering all that Richard went through in London Below. However, what specifically do you think Richard discovered about himself?
To me it seems that marrying Jessica would have been nearly impossible for Richard after coming to the realization that he’s able to operate as a single entity without the input from a second party. It was refreshing to not see him end up with Jessica and to blaze his own new trail.

My Response:

In the beginning of Neverwhere we find Richard in a very bad relationship. It’s like he is trying to find his place and does not want to be alone at the same time. The adventures in London Below teaches Richard that he can do things on his own. He grows as a person and learns to take charge of his own life. True, Jessica dumps him because he saves a girl instead of going to dinner. When this part happens early in the book Richard is still clinging to the life he as. In the end, when Jessica tries to get him back I believe that his experiences have taught him how to see the truth. Richard understands what kind of person Jessica really is and decides his life is better without her.

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