Female Heroism in Harry Potter

Original Post by Justin:

Our discussions concerning the role gender plays in Neverwhere got me thinking. Are there other stories that have an interesting set of roles? Which, as a result, got me thinking about Harry Potter, which I always seem to do in these cases. While I’ve always considered a character like Hermione Granger to be a clear-cut heroine it seems others out there aren’t so convinced that she was enough of one.

My Response:

First of all, great link. I found the article intriguing. I see no reason why Hermione Grange would not be considered a hero. She is the brain but she never backs down. If there is a fight to be had then Hermione is ready to help. Much like Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces. Hermione goes through several obstacles and doing what she has to in order to help save the ones she loves. In fact you could take a look at what Jenny Weasley does and find her heroic too. Just because a character may have a more minor role does not make them any less a heroic that another. Both girls are strong and know how to handle themselves.

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