Is Feminism Evil?

When I had originally signed up for this gender studies class it was for two reasons. The first is that I was curious about what would be taught in this type of class. The second was I had Dr. Cadle in another class and learned what books she would be using. These two things got me to take the course. I am so glad that I did. I have learned so much more than I thought possible. I suppose you could say I just never paid attention to what feminism is truly about. I have been going through books and websites surrounding this topic. Trying to learn as much as possible about how things are going for women in the world. I stumbled across this website. This is written by a man and for a lack of a better word one serious bible thumper.

I mean no disrespect at that term, I have lived my whole life in the church being the preacher’s daughter. Having said that. I have never come across a person so closed minded like this site. I actually became angry with a man I have never met. I have my own opinions about this. I would like to know what everyone else thinks.

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