Cheesecake vrs Beefcake

From an earlier post about feminism and cheesecake I had found an article regarding controversy surrounding Power Girl’s costume. The comic book industry has been illustrating female superheroes scantly clothed to tight body suits since the comic industry began.
The character of Power Girl is written by men and drawn by men. In an article Power Girl gives a lecture to women about their complaining on her costume. The writers, artists, and editors allowed for this to not only be done but to allow this comic to print.
I love comic books myself. I have been reading them since I was a child. However, I never understood why the women had to be drawn like sex toys all the time. I have turned to books more than the comics that I have loved. This is in part because of the way women look and sometimes treated within these comics. I have read several additional articles about other controversies surrounding female comic characters. In almost every case the “men” involved with said characters tend to berate the women complaining. God forbid a woman finds offense with something! Then it is the fault of the woman or women for having a problem. Women don’t know artwork or women aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.
It would be wonder if a group of women could get together and make a comic book that gives proper depiction for a female superhero without having to make her look like a sex object. Yes, there are also plenty of male characters depicted as muscle bound and handsome. Yet I have never seen any of the male heroes showing up in close to nothing outfits to fight whatever villain they are fighting. It would just be great to have illustrations for comic books without the beefcake versus cheesecake factor.


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