Extreme Examples of Inequality

After reading 10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality on Ultimate Listverse I can to a new understanding of how women in other countries are really treated. The article is from 2008 and so I went in search of some more current information. What I came across is just as disturbing as the first article I located. Women are still being treated the same way today as they have been for hundreds of years. Women in America have it made easy compared to what these women in foreign countries like the Middle East and North Africa.

From continuing my search I have also learned of a medical surgery that women are put through. This is similar to what men do for circumcision. A woman can also be given a circumcision. However, while men do not have any real affect on their physical feeling sensors having a woman undergo this surgery does. I will spare the details as to how this is done. I found it a bit hard to stomach myself.

The basis for this surgery is to kill certain physical receptors in a woman’s body. In short the woman can no longer have an orgasm. This is done in order to prevent the woman from enjoying having any kind of sexual relationship. The thought behind this is that if a woman does not enjoy the act of making love then she will remain faithful and docile to her husband. Men from these other countries do this to women in order to help control them. I really find these acts crude and barbaric. I wonder if there is anything that the people of America can do to stop this form of cruelty.


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