Feminism and poetry

Poetry has always been a good way for writers to express themselves. Taking their feelings and writing them down in a lyrical manor. Poetry has been considered to be therapeutic. Offering people an imaginative source of expressing yourself.

Since feminism has grown, feminist thoughts have been written down in poetry forms. Ranging is scope from current theories to anger and pain. Women have been writing from their viewpoint about the identities of women and feminist thoughts.

From an earlier forum I posted the National Poetry Month that talked about two female poets. Their unique voices were beautiful and perhaps even ground breaking for the era they were written in. While some of the more modern poetry can be more raw and harsh there is still the emotional pain that can be felt through their writings.

I have taken my own poetry courses. My work, in my own opinion can still use a lot of work. I still find myself respecting the work of others. No matter what style or form the poetry is in, for it takes great courage to write feeling down and show the world.

Feminism and Poetry: language, experience, identity in women’s writing; 3rd revised edition with critical introduction by Claire Buck

This is a book that has some wonderful poems. Perhaps others may feel otherwise about, but those with poetry backgrounds may really enjoy this book. I would even like to leave you with one of my portfolio poems from a previous course. Hopefully you will enjoy this piece.


Formal Poem



The circle has been cast in blood

drawn by the faithful servants.

A secret book of untold power

bound by dragon leather hides.


Cast by these faithful servants

smoke rings manifest in the dark.

Leather bound with dragon hide

unwritten words have taken shape.


As smoke rings manifest in the dark

the sound of magic cracks the air.

Unwritten words have taken shape

while figures move back and forth.


Sounds of magic start cracking the air

like piercing daggers to your skull.

Strange figures move back and forth

with the cauldron bubbling over.


Like piercing daggers to your skull

this secret book of untold power.

As the cauldron bubbles over

the circle has been cast again.


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