Men as Women vrs Women as Men

There have been several posts within the forum discussing gender roles and cross dressing. There is an original post about the new TV show Work It and another by Paige Women Taking Men’s Roles in Film. These two posts are great examples of men and women dressing as the opposite gender in a form of trying to entertain a viewing audience. This has been done in both movies and TV series. The real question is, why do people enjoy watching these?

While the TV series may not last for more than a few seasons the fanfare is still out there that enjoys watching this kind of programing. On Box Office Mojo they give a list of box office hits with cross dressing as a main point within the movies. Mojo shows the gross for each of the listed movies. Having seen a good number of these films myself I can say that several of them were wonderful. At the time of first viewing these movies I did not even take into account that the various actors were cross dressing. The fact that they changed gender fit with the reason each storyline gave. In some cases it added to the character the actor was portraying on film.

The fact still remains that cross dressing has been in film almost from the beginning. From as early as the silent films with Charlie Chaplin. Along with actor Stan Laurel they started female impersonation. Leaving cross dressing as acceptable within film since 1910. That still leaves me with the question, why do people enjoy watching this form of entertainment? I am continuing my search in order to locate such an answer.

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