New Dr. Pepper 10

When I wrote the first forum for the new Dr. Pepper 10 commercial it was about the fact this drink is “Not for women” and only a man can handle it. I have since found an article from USA Today talking about this new marketing campaign. Apparently this whole manly and macho business is because soda companies are trying to get more men to buy there “Diet” brands.

This is not the first commercial campaign for men only buyers. In fact the article talks about how Coke Zero and Pepsi Max are also advertised for the male drinkers. They also point out that it is Dr. Pepper 10 is point blank telling women that only a man can handle this drink. Stating that none of the past advertisements have been so overt. The market is also changing, as pointed out by the article. Sales are dropping and the company is trying to get healthier drinks due to less sales. People are becoming more health conscience and therefore no longer buying soda brands. There is even a link from the article to the beverage digest. To me this really looks like a desperate attempt to bring up sales.

Why would a company plug for a men only diet drink in this fashion unless the company is desperate for sales. This type of advertising stands to cause a huge uproar within the feminism groups. The end of the article includes a statement from the vice president of Dr Pepper marketing. He has stated that he isn’t worried about women being offended by this new campaign.  I have a feeling he’s wrong in that idea.

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