Religion, Feminism, and Evil Ways

I have never considered myself as a feminist. However, after taking the gender studies course I would have to say that I am. It seems that any woman in the modern United States is most likely a feminist in some way. For if you believe, as a woman, in any kind of rights than that will make you a feminist in your way of thinking.

This is of course if you also view things from a religious standpoint. I have lived my whole life in the church being the preacher’s daughter. Having said that. I have never come across a person so closed minded like this site. I actually became angry with a man I have never met. I have been trying to learn as much as possible about how things are going for women in the world. The gender studies course has left me with several question and now I am searching for answers. I stumbled across this website. This is written by a man and for a lack of a better word one serious bible thumper.

While this gentleman was taking quotes from the bible he is also leaving other important aspects out; in Song of Solomon, Psalms, and the New Testament. There are not only things that are required of women but of men. The man must do his own fair share in order for the woman to “obey” in the first place. In my opinion this man just seems to be ranting without any clear and intelligent argument. This is part of the reason I was upset while reading this. He makes this sound like men are as gods and women are that of slaves with no rights.


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