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Is Feminism Evil?

When I had originally signed up for this gender studies class it was for two reasons. The first is that I was curious about what would be taught in this type of class. The second was I had Dr. Cadle in another class and learned what books she would be using. These two things got me to take the course. I am so glad that I did. I have learned so much more than I thought possible. I suppose you could say I just never paid attention to what feminism is truly about. I have been going through books and websites surrounding this topic. Trying to learn as much as possible about how things are going for women in the world. I stumbled across this website. This is written by a man and for a lack of a better word one serious bible thumper.

I mean no disrespect at that term, I have lived my whole life in the church being the preacher’s daughter. Having said that. I have never come across a person so closed minded like this site. I actually became angry with a man I have never met. I have my own opinions about this. I would like to know what everyone else thinks.

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Work It

Within the past few days I have been seeing commercials for this new TV series. This new comedy is called Work It. This show is based on two unemployed car salesman. They decide to find work as women. Deciding that the world they live in is now a woman’s world. Their new jobs are as pharmaceutical reps. According to IMDb dressing and acting like women at work teaches them to be better men. There are 11 episodes slotted to start airing in January. This new show is not the first of its kind.
During the 1980’s Bosom Buddies stared Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. These two men needed a place to live and find an apartment building that only women are allowed to live in. They dress up as women in order to keep their new home. This series ran for three years. The question I would like to ask is if anyone feels the new Work It comedy will have a good viewing audience?

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10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality

All through this course we have been studying the differences in gender. How women are viewed and treated over the years. I came across this article about gender inequality for women. This information is based on the Middle East and North African areas. The article is only three years old but these practices are still going on today.

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National Poetry Month

Life can often lead you down an emotional rollercoaster. Whether it is personal or the stresses of college; poetry can touch your soul and heal your heart. While this is a personal belief on my part I know many people who feel the same way. Ever since junior high I have been writing my own poetry. I have taken several courses in order to improve my poetry. This class is dealing with feminism. For several weeks now I have been going through various poems written for or about feminism. I found an article online about two poets that did not necessarily take an active role within feminism but had a wonderful voice for feminist issues. This article was a joy to read. I had never considered either of these poets as feminist. For those who are interested I have the web link containing the article. Let me know your feelings about it.

Hope you enjoy the article.

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Dr. Pepper 10

Those new Dr. Pepper commercials make it sound as if the original Dr. Pepper is for women and therefore too girly for a real man to drink. This commercial starts off with “Hey ladies enjoying the film? Of course not, cause this is our movie.” The add goes on to say how only real men drink Dr Pepper 10 and that anything else is just too girly. He even demonstrates how manly this drink is by using an empty can to trigger a net trap. As a women I find this ad tacky. Dr Pepper comes across demoralizing women and all other drinks just to appeal to male drinkers in order to sell more soda. Watching this ad does not make me want to buy anything with the name Dr Pepper.

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“Woman’s Place”

Feminism and Cheesecake

During class there have been several discussions about superheroes. It has been mentioned that there are problems for men where the woman is a strong female. In some cases she is physically stronger than the man himself. This line also brings up that in several cases the woman must give up all aspects of femininity and thoughts of love in order to be this strong hero. A gender issue over how they act is not the only battle for these female superheroes. The way these females are dressed or illustrated in comics has caused several problems. When you picture  a female comic hero is she wearing baggy clothes with army boots? No, she tends to be in a skin tight bodysuit or an almost swimsuit like outfit that hides little to nothing. There is an article that I read about the controversy on Power Girl’s costume. This controversy is over a cutout within her costume. This has also been referred to as a “boob window”. Do costumes like that of Power Girl’s or other female comic superheroes help shape or change the way people look at the female hero? Does this type of costuming cause them to be looked at only for their sex appeal? Will this cycle of female superhero costuming change?

Dictionary – Cheesecake

1. A cake having a firm custard like texture, made with cream cheese, cottage cheese, or both, and sometimes topped with a jam like fruit mixture.

2. Informal. Also called leg art. Photographs featuring  scantily clothed attractive women.


A display of the female form, probably wearing little clothing often in photographs. Uses for “soft, effeminate” and compares  with the male “beefcake”.


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