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Feminism and poetry

Poetry has always been a good way for writers to express themselves. Taking their feelings and writing them down in a lyrical manor. Poetry has been considered to be therapeutic. Offering people an imaginative source of expressing yourself.

Since feminism has grown, feminist thoughts have been written down in poetry forms. Ranging is scope from current theories to anger and pain. Women have been writing from their viewpoint about the identities of women and feminist thoughts.

From an earlier forum I posted the National Poetry Month that talked about two female poets. Their unique voices were beautiful and perhaps even ground breaking for the era they were written in. While some of the more modern poetry can be more raw and harsh there is still the emotional pain that can be felt through their writings.

I have taken my own poetry courses. My work, in my own opinion can still use a lot of work. I still find myself respecting the work of others. No matter what style or form the poetry is in, for it takes great courage to write feeling down and show the world.

Feminism and Poetry: language, experience, identity in women’s writing; 3rd revised edition with critical introduction by Claire Buck

This is a book that has some wonderful poems. Perhaps others may feel otherwise about, but those with poetry backgrounds may really enjoy this book. I would even like to leave you with one of my portfolio poems from a previous course. Hopefully you will enjoy this piece.


Formal Poem



The circle has been cast in blood

drawn by the faithful servants.

A secret book of untold power

bound by dragon leather hides.


Cast by these faithful servants

smoke rings manifest in the dark.

Leather bound with dragon hide

unwritten words have taken shape.


As smoke rings manifest in the dark

the sound of magic cracks the air.

Unwritten words have taken shape

while figures move back and forth.


Sounds of magic start cracking the air

like piercing daggers to your skull.

Strange figures move back and forth

with the cauldron bubbling over.


Like piercing daggers to your skull

this secret book of untold power.

As the cauldron bubbles over

the circle has been cast again.


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Men as Women vrs Women as Men

There have been several posts within the forum discussing gender roles and cross dressing. There is an original post about the new TV show Work It and another by Paige Women Taking Men’s Roles in Film. These two posts are great examples of men and women dressing as the opposite gender in a form of trying to entertain a viewing audience. This has been done in both movies and TV series. The real question is, why do people enjoy watching these?

While the TV series may not last for more than a few seasons the fanfare is still out there that enjoys watching this kind of programing. On Box Office Mojo they give a list of box office hits with cross dressing as a main point within the movies. Mojo shows the gross for each of the listed movies. Having seen a good number of these films myself I can say that several of them were wonderful. At the time of first viewing these movies I did not even take into account that the various actors were cross dressing. The fact that they changed gender fit with the reason each storyline gave. In some cases it added to the character the actor was portraying on film.

The fact still remains that cross dressing has been in film almost from the beginning. From as early as the silent films with Charlie Chaplin. Along with actor Stan Laurel they started female impersonation. Leaving cross dressing as acceptable within film since 1910. That still leaves me with the question, why do people enjoy watching this form of entertainment? I am continuing my search in order to locate such an answer.

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New Dr. Pepper 10

When I wrote the first forum for the new Dr. Pepper 10 commercial it was about the fact this drink is “Not for women” and only a man can handle it. I have since found an article from USA Today talking about this new marketing campaign. Apparently this whole manly and macho business is because soda companies are trying to get more men to buy there “Diet” brands.

This is not the first commercial campaign for men only buyers. In fact the article talks about how Coke Zero and Pepsi Max are also advertised for the male drinkers. They also point out that it is Dr. Pepper 10 is point blank telling women that only a man can handle this drink. Stating that none of the past advertisements have been so overt. The market is also changing, as pointed out by the article. Sales are dropping and the company is trying to get healthier drinks due to less sales. People are becoming more health conscience and therefore no longer buying soda brands. There is even a link from the article to the beverage digest. To me this really looks like a desperate attempt to bring up sales.

Why would a company plug for a men only diet drink in this fashion unless the company is desperate for sales. This type of advertising stands to cause a huge uproar within the feminism groups. The end of the article includes a statement from the vice president of Dr Pepper marketing. He has stated that he isn’t worried about women being offended by this new campaign.  I have a feeling he’s wrong in that idea.

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Cheesecake vrs Beefcake

From an earlier post about feminism and cheesecake I had found an article regarding controversy surrounding Power Girl’s costume. The comic book industry has been illustrating female superheroes scantly clothed to tight body suits since the comic industry began.
The character of Power Girl is written by men and drawn by men. In an article Power Girl gives a lecture to women about their complaining on her costume. The writers, artists, and editors allowed for this to not only be done but to allow this comic to print.
I love comic books myself. I have been reading them since I was a child. However, I never understood why the women had to be drawn like sex toys all the time. I have turned to books more than the comics that I have loved. This is in part because of the way women look and sometimes treated within these comics. I have read several additional articles about other controversies surrounding female comic characters. In almost every case the “men” involved with said characters tend to berate the women complaining. God forbid a woman finds offense with something! Then it is the fault of the woman or women for having a problem. Women don’t know artwork or women aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.
It would be wonder if a group of women could get together and make a comic book that gives proper depiction for a female superhero without having to make her look like a sex object. Yes, there are also plenty of male characters depicted as muscle bound and handsome. Yet I have never seen any of the male heroes showing up in close to nothing outfits to fight whatever villain they are fighting. It would just be great to have illustrations for comic books without the beefcake versus cheesecake factor.


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Extreme Examples of Inequality

After reading 10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality on Ultimate Listverse I can to a new understanding of how women in other countries are really treated. The article is from 2008 and so I went in search of some more current information. What I came across is just as disturbing as the first article I located. Women are still being treated the same way today as they have been for hundreds of years. Women in America have it made easy compared to what these women in foreign countries like the Middle East and North Africa.

From continuing my search I have also learned of a medical surgery that women are put through. This is similar to what men do for circumcision. A woman can also be given a circumcision. However, while men do not have any real affect on their physical feeling sensors having a woman undergo this surgery does. I will spare the details as to how this is done. I found it a bit hard to stomach myself.

The basis for this surgery is to kill certain physical receptors in a woman’s body. In short the woman can no longer have an orgasm. This is done in order to prevent the woman from enjoying having any kind of sexual relationship. The thought behind this is that if a woman does not enjoy the act of making love then she will remain faithful and docile to her husband. Men from these other countries do this to women in order to help control them. I really find these acts crude and barbaric. I wonder if there is anything that the people of America can do to stop this form of cruelty.


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