Women Taking Men’s Roles in Film

Original Post by Paige:

We all have seen men cross dressing as women in movies: like Hairspray, White Chicks, Big Mama’s House, etc. What we see less often is women playing men. We see movies where a woman plays a role in which a woman dresses as a man to do something she thinks is important. But it’s not very often that we see a woman in a man’s role. There is a couple movies like this that I know of, but there could be more.
They are:
I’m Not There Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan
I haven’t seen this movie yet, but from what I’ve seen, Blanchett has done a wonderful job!
and. . .
The Tempest In this movie adaptation of the Shakespeare play, Helen Mirren plays the sorcerer, Prospero. Again, I haven’t seen this film (yet), but I have read the play (in fact it’s one of my favorites). And I find it interesting for this character to be played by a woman, because he’s really not that feminine. But, from the trailer, it looks as if Helen Mirren does a great job!

I think that these a two a very good examples of women taking on men’s roles. If anyone can think of any others, please let me know!
My Response:

There does seem to be more male stars dressing as women then women dressing as men. While I have seen most of the movies listed through various posts, such as Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love and Barbara Streisand in Yentl. There are some that I would like to point out. In the modern area or current age of film making women are dressing up like men more often then people may realize. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are dressed as men during a scene in the first Charlie’s Angel movie. Angelina Jolie is dressed as a man in her movie Salt. Mariah Carey is also made to look male in the movie Obsessed. Hilary Swank in Boy’s don’t cry, Katherine Hepburn in Sylvia Scarlett, Glenn Close in Hook, and Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria. Throughout the years women have shown that they can act and switch gender roles.

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Immortals versus Twilight

Original Post by Rachel:

I was watching tv today, when a commercial advertising the new movie Immortals came on.

Not only does the video imply that all girls will want to watch Twilight and none will watch Immortals, but it also assumes a description of what a “real man” is. In light of our class topic and our recent discussions about Butler, I just thought I’d share. Anyone have any thoughts?

My Response:

I enjoy a good vampire story. Twilight however, is not. While I have never read the books I have seen the first two movies. I have friends that tell me all about these books. I am not impressed. The part about the vampires being sparkly in sunlight really makes no sense to me. A vampire should be more like the ones from 30 Days of Night.

I have seen the trailer for the movie Immortals. I have loved Greek mythology since I was a child. To date there has not been a good movie about any of the ancient gods. This movie seems to be designed for two things. The first is eye candy (beefcake) for women. The other is an all guy action and butt-kicking.

I can say that I might watch Immortals just to see how much of mythos they change. Other then that I think a good comedy for my inner child is in order. Puss in Boots gets my vote, Antonio Banderas has done a great job with the orange cat in the Shrek movies.

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The New & Improved Richard

Original Post by Justin:

When we reach the end of Neverwhere Richard ends his relationship with Jessica, telling her that he’s just different and that’s that. It’s a fair thing to say considering all that Richard went through in London Below. However, what specifically do you think Richard discovered about himself?
To me it seems that marrying Jessica would have been nearly impossible for Richard after coming to the realization that he’s able to operate as a single entity without the input from a second party. It was refreshing to not see him end up with Jessica and to blaze his own new trail.

My Response:

In the beginning of Neverwhere we find Richard in a very bad relationship. It’s like he is trying to find his place and does not want to be alone at the same time. The adventures in London Below teaches Richard that he can do things on his own. He grows as a person and learns to take charge of his own life. True, Jessica dumps him because he saves a girl instead of going to dinner. When this part happens early in the book Richard is still clinging to the life he as. In the end, when Jessica tries to get him back I believe that his experiences have taught him how to see the truth. Richard understands what kind of person Jessica really is and decides his life is better without her.

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10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality

All through this course we have been studying the differences in gender. How women are viewed and treated over the years. I came across this article about gender inequality for women. This information is based on the Middle East and North African areas. The article is only three years old but these practices are still going on today.

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Rescue Me

Original Post by Kevin:

Recently I was able to purchase two season of the show Rescue Me, at a great price I might add. Late in the first season, a new character is added to the firehouse. This causes tension in the house as the characters in the show learned of this new person an episode or two before it actually happened. Long story short, too late, the new person is a woman who got her position through a discrimination lawsuit against the department.

The members of the crew decide to shut her out completely, including the chief. When cracks begin to show in her foundation, after doing a bad job and then a good job and still not getting recognition, the chief returns but this time to offer what little support he can.

My father was a police officer, recently retired, and I tried to remember anything about seeing women police officers but I couldn’t think of any person. Most of the women who worked in the department were either on dispatch or administrative.

I have known about women being discriminated in these fields before and I could write at length about the term brotherhood when applied to these fields. Thoughts?

My Response:

I have an aunt that works for the local police department back home. She has worked with them for several years. While I know little about what kind of treatment the male officers gave her I know that it was not easy. When I asked her questions about the other officers she would give me some information about the few other women in her department. When asking about the men she would become very tight lipped. From her reactions I assume that they did not treat her well. She would always tell me that when I find something that I truly care about then I have to be willing to fight for it. While I still wish to know how my aunt is treated I can at the very least respect her for sticking with what she loves doing, police work.

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24 Reasons to Learn from the 1950’s

Original Post by: Melissa

As I was looking for some interesting links to submit for my Link-O-Rama, I found these really sexist ads from the 1950’s. It’s crazy to me that these actually existed! I’m definitely more naive than I though. Here’s the link to the site:

My Response:

Wow, I had no idea that the ads during the 1950’s were that bad. I know that everything kept pushing women as only being happy doing all the cooking and cleaning in the household. I just had no idea that these were that bad in advertisements. I think these are more sexist then anything I have ever grown up with. Thanks so much for the link.

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NPR Review of Twilight — Brilliant Analysis

Original Post by: R. Joy

Linda Holmes has written an extremely perfect review of the new Twilight movie. I have not seen the movie, but I have read the book (I sadly have read all the books, which I would regret terribly except that it allows me to legitimately complain about them), and her analysis is SPOT ON, in my opinion.

I would like to point you to the last three paragraphs of the review in particular, wherein she rips the movie a new one concerning the glorification of abusive, stalkerish relationships, and I love her for it.

Your thoughts?

My Response:

I must admit to never having read any of the books. I have a friend that read the first few books when the first movie came out; to date she has read all the books and seen all the movies. I willing watched the first movie and was forced to see the second. I have no desire to see or read anymore of these. A few of my friends have already told me about what the remainder of the storyline is anyway. After reading the article you posted and from the information from my friends I truly am glad that I have not read these books. It is good to know that from several posts that this article is spot on. I find it hard to believe that this has been allowed as a young adult book. It almost seems like the author is telling teenage girls that this sort of thing is alright in a relationship. This article is a brilliant analysis and I wish more people would pay attention to the fact this series should not be for teens.

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National Poetry Month

Life can often lead you down an emotional rollercoaster. Whether it is personal or the stresses of college; poetry can touch your soul and heal your heart. While this is a personal belief on my part I know many people who feel the same way. Ever since junior high I have been writing my own poetry. I have taken several courses in order to improve my poetry. This class is dealing with feminism. For several weeks now I have been going through various poems written for or about feminism. I found an article online about two poets that did not necessarily take an active role within feminism but had a wonderful voice for feminist issues. This article was a joy to read. I had never considered either of these poets as feminist. For those who are interested I have the web link containing the article. Let me know your feelings about it.

Hope you enjoy the article.

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Dr. Pepper 10

Those new Dr. Pepper commercials make it sound as if the original Dr. Pepper is for women and therefore too girly for a real man to drink. This commercial starts off with “Hey ladies enjoying the film? Of course not, cause this is our movie.” The add goes on to say how only real men drink Dr Pepper 10 and that anything else is just too girly. He even demonstrates how manly this drink is by using an empty can to trigger a net trap. As a women I find this ad tacky. Dr Pepper comes across demoralizing women and all other drinks just to appeal to male drinkers in order to sell more soda. Watching this ad does not make me want to buy anything with the name Dr Pepper.

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